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Mobile World Congress. 25-28 February 2013. Barcelona

Off To Spain!
This month, Ludei will hit the road to Barcelona to participate in the largest mobile trade show in the world, Mobile World Congress. As you can see above, the show runs from the 25th to the 28th and is filled with every imaginable hardware and software product related to mobile. Ludei will be located in App Planet - Hall 8.1 and at booth number K19. Please come and join us for a few big announcements, some awesome demos, snacks, coffee and drinks and beer after hours. All of our execs will be there, so you can get the full story straight from the horse’s mouth(s)!

Eneko Knörr
Eneko Knörr
Joe Monastiero
Joe Monastiero

Ibon Tolosana
Ibon Tolosana
Iker Jamardo
Iker Jamardo
VP of Engineering

Come to our Fiesta in Barcelona!
We are hosting an awesome party with Pocketgamer and Playphone for the MWC. Enjoy the night with us! Register here!

Engineering News
Lots to cover here, we’ve had an amazing month in R&D. There are essentially 3 major components to the Ludei Platform and all have had major updates in the last 60 to 90 days.

The Client side of the platform, the CocoonJS Virtual Machine and the Launcher, has many changes, additions and bug fixes. For example:
  • An improved HTML parser. Improved rendering speed using the CocoonJS screen canvas feature.
  • The integration of the Webview with CocoonJS is more stable and easier than ever.
  • CocoonJS also provides a simulation of the Webview functionality for desktop browsers.
  • CocoonJS is the first HTML5 execution environment to include the web standard PATH API for vector graphics rendering.
  • Improved native XHR support.
The Extensions component of the platform now has support for:
  • Apple, Google and Amazon in-app payments.
  • Social network integration for Facebook, Twitter and GameCenter.
  • This extension creates the concept of social gaming, including achievement and leaderboard management with a single, easy to use API.
  • Local and remote push notifications.
  • Multiple ad networks with banner, interstitial and video ads.
  • Native Box2D binding for huge physics performance improvement.
  • Multiplayer possibilities using GameCenter.
  • Using the same API, this CocoonJS extension provides a loopback implementation for off-line (AI) gaming without having to change your game logic.

Finally, most of the changes to the Cloud have taken place in the Compiler. Since our original release of the Cloud Compiler, which supported native iOS and Google Play packaging, it now supports 7 platforms, with more coming. Ludei developers can now get builds for the Amazon, Nook, Facebook, Mozilla and Chrome stores.

New Games Being Published Daily
Since the release of the Compiler in late October, hundreds of games have been built and published to the Apple Store and to Google Play. Thousands of developers are now working on a boatload of projects. And some BIG names have joined the fray, so stay tuned for some high profile games that will be published in the next few months!

Ludei Meetup in March in SF
In our next Meetup, we'll share with the group information on our extensions - what they are and how to add them to your games. Ludei's extensions include access to native payments, native ad networks, social networks, analytics and push messaging. And more extensions are being added on a monthly basis. We'll also update you on the latest overall status of the platform. As always, food, drinks and wicked cool prizes will be offered. And keep in mind - Ludei is now hiring various technical positions inside the company. Bring a friend, make it Ludei Date Night! More info

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