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Big Updates Coming Soon!

The past few months have been an exciting time for us at Ludei with several successful events and big announcements. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at GDC and the HTML5 DevConf last month. We had a fantastic turnout with nearly 700 participants in our March Madness Shootout and a packed house at each of our lectures! Make sure to check out the behind the scenes photos on Facebook and Flickr if you haven't already.

At GDC we also announced we are enabling WebGL for native apps for the first time on mobile devices. The technology is days away from being available, but an app featuring several interactive demos is available NOW in the Google Play store. You can also check out our new WebGL videos for more information and a look at the app!

We are thrilled to announce that before the end of this month, we will be releasing CocoonJS 1.4 This updated version of our launcher will feature:

  • Convenient 1-click Publishing to 7 App Stores — bundles generated for: Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Nook, Chrome Store, Mozilla Marketplace, Pokki

  • Improved Configuration Options for the Ludei Cloud Compiler
      - Easily activate/deactivate specific features
      - Configure Extensions using simple forms
  • Updated Third Party SDKs — advertisements, social integration and in-app payments

  • Improved Resources Management
      - Homogenized process for loading assets and better local file loading process
      - Images have a CocoonJS-only function called "dispose" that synchronously frees the video memory of the underlying texture so developers have the finest control over memory management
  • Bug Improvements from audio and rendering to XHR implementation

  • And much more!!

  • Stay tuned for the count down to the release!

    We encourage you to take part in all this excitement at Ludei by asking you to share your story with us. Tell us about the blood, sweat and tears that went into your game, the inspiration behind it, and the wake it’s creating in the marketplace. We will feature a compelling story each month on our blog, Facebook page, etc. to strengthen our developer community. Send us your story now to and perhaps you will be featured this month!