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Ludei's Action-Packed Summer

As summer comes into full swing, many exciting things are happening for Ludei and HTML5! In case you missed anything, here is a brief recap our summer thus far…

Ludei Secures $1.5M in Funding
We just announced that we recently received $1.5M in funding from key venture capitalists and angel investors, further validating the increasing industry support of HTML5 development. Click here to read more.

The latest version of our Cloud and Launcher is available now!
The wait is finally over! CocoonJS1.4 is NOW available in Google Play! We are still pending approval with the Apple App Store, so please check daily for its debut! This version includes the following awesome features:
  • WebGL support is now available! For the first time ever, publish your 3D games to iOS and Android devices!
  • Convenient 1-click Publishing to 5 App Stores — bundles generated for: Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Chrome Store, Pokki
  • Improved Configuration Options for the Ludei Cloud Compiler
  • Updated Third Party SDKs — advertisements, social integration and in-app payments
  • Improved Resources Management
  • Improved Audio Implementation that supports more HTML5 features
  • Improved webview support allowing you to develop HTML5 web apps while still having all our extensions available to monetize and make your game or app successful
  • And much more!! Click here to read the blog post!

Ludei Reaches Over 6,000 Developers!
Thanks to your love of HTML5, we recently gained over 5,000 developers, hitting our first major milestone! Today we can announce that number is now over 6,000! Click here to read the press release and testimonial from our close friends at Lost Decade Games! We have also gained support from Fortune 500 brands and they too are using the Ludei platform for their games and apps!

Tizen Tizen Developer Conference
We showcased several games and WebGL demos on Tizen devices at the Tizen Developer Conference this past month in San Francisco, and several developers used the Ludei platform for participating in the Tizen Hackathon. If you missed the photos, (including one of our CEO dressed as a pirate) you can view them on our Facebook page.

Ouya OUYA Game Jam!
Last week Ludei sponsored the Ouya Game Jam and premiered our Ouya and WebGL support for CocoonJS. With tons of participants, it was a great success! Click here to see a demo of our Ouya support.

We hope you are having a great summer. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news from Ludei in the upcoming months!