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Ludei Secures $1.5M in Funding and More…


As summer comes into full swing, many exciting things are happening for Ludei and HTML5! In case you missed anything, here is a brief recap our summer thus far...

Ludei Secures $1.5M in Funding
We just announced that we received $1.5M in funding from venture capitalists and angel investors, further validating the increasing industry support of HTML5 development. Click here to read more on Techcrunch.

Tier 1 Developers and Fortune 500 brands!
Thanks to your love of HTML5, we have more than 6,000 developers using our technology…and growing! We have also gained support from Tier 1 developers and Fortune 500 brands using the Ludei platform for their games and apps! This month we will see the next generation of VC-backed developers launching new HTML5 based games with Ludei’s help.

WebGL, for the first time ever, running on every iOS and Android device, only with Ludei!
The wait is finally over! CocoonJS1.4 is NOW available in Google Play –iOS version just pending approval! This version includes the following awesome features:
  • WebGL support is now available! For the first time ever, publish your 3D apps to iOS and Android devices!
  • Convenient 1-click Publishing to 5 App Stores -- bundles generated for: Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Chrome Store, Pokki
  • And much more!! Click here to read the blog post!
The Ludei team is proving again we are leading the HTML5 related technology world with more amazing products and features.

We hope you are having a great summer. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news from Ludei in the upcoming months!

Best regards,

Eneko Knorr
Founder and CEO