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HTML5 is becoming a more popular and viable solution everyday. We’re constantly growing and improving our platform to help you get the best out of your HTML5 games and apps. See where your support has got us today! Thank you!

A New Venture: Nickelodeon trusts us!

Drum roll please… we have a big announcement for our community: Nickelodeon (a Viacom company) has become one of our customers and we will make it possible to run their HTML5 games with native performance on their Android Nick app. Not only is this great news for us, it’s an incredible push for the HTML5 dev community. Here’s a shout out to Nickelodeon -Thanks for using CocoonJS and thanks for supporting HTML5. We’re excited about this new opportunity and to be a part of your success. Go HTML5: the future is now!


Take a look at the press release.

New Help Center

Listen up Developers! There is now a new support platform on our site. We want to provide you with everything you need to use our technology and implement CocoonJS to get you on the road to effective deployment. Your success is our vision; that’s why we’ve migrated to this new Help Center.

Get access to:
  • Detailed documentation
  • Forum
  • Community Portal. Please help us bring useful content to the new tool!
Here’s an added bonus for your convenience! You just need one username and password to access the cloud, the CocoonJS launchers and the Help Center. One credential. Access to all.

CocoonJS 1.4.5 live and 1.4.6 coming soon!

As you read in our blog, we launched version 1.4.5 for CocoonJS 2 weeks ago. If you haven't read about it yet, visit our blog. Check it out now, because the 1.4.6 version is going to be launched very soon :)!.

Your HTML5 game now on Android consoles!

We have more much awaited news! If you thought getting support to run your HTML5 games for all mobile and web platforms with CocoonJS was awesome, this is sure to attract your attention. Now get support for Android game consoles such as Ouya, Nvidia Shield, and Gamestick. Simply connect the gamepad to your device, and control your game with it! Using HTML5 for gamepad support is one step closer to demonstrating that web technology is ready for the gaming world; Ludei is doing the best it can to turn this into a reality. Get more details on our blog.

New website

Check out our latest website and our new logo. Fresh layout! Better graphics! New banner ads! Smoother navigation! We’ve also updated our showcase page so that you can select the market you’re interested in!

We wouldn’t have made it this far without you all, so thanks again for all your support! If you haven’t already done so, please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and spread the word!